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  • The Caribbean Challenge Marine Initiative

    9 countries committed View all countries

    To set aside 20% of marine resources as protected areas by 2020 and that at least 10% is effectively conserved by 2012. Legally protect at least 5 million hectares of marine habitat and effectively manage at least 2 million hectares of new and existing marine protected areas.

    marine resources



  • Barcelona Convention SPA Biodiversity Protocol

    9 countries committed View all countries

    Protocol concerning Specially Protected Areas and Biological Diversity in the Mediterranean

    shall take the necessary measures to: (a) protect, preserve and manage in a sustainable and environmentally sound way areas of particular natural or cultural value, notably by the establishment of specially protected areas; (b) protect, preserve and manage threatened or endangered species of flora and fauna.

    10 June 1995

  • Micronesia Challenge

    5 countries committed View all countries

    To effectively conserve 30% of nearshore resources and 20% of forest resources by 2020

    nearshore resources



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