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  • WPC

    No countries have committed

    Establish by 2012 a global system of effectively managed, representative networks of marine and coastal protected areas, consistent with international law and based on scientific information, that: a. Greatly increases the marine and coastal area managed in marine protected areas by 2012; these networks should be extensive and include strictly protected areas that amount to at least 20-30% of each habitat, and contribute to a global target for healthy and productive oceans;

    Mmarine habitats



  • CBD

    147 countries committed View all countries

    at least 10% of each of the world's marine and coastal ecological regions effectively conserved [by 2010]

    Marine ecological regions in areas under national jurisdiction



  • Pacific Ocean 2020 Challenge

    No countries have committed

    Develop and facilitate the use of diverse approaches and tools, including the ecosystem approach, the elimination of destructive fishing practices, the establishment of marine protected areas consistent with international law and based on scientific information, including representative networks by 2012 and time/area closures for the protection of nursery grounds and periods, proper coastal land use and watershed planning and the integration of marine and coastal areas management into key sectors;




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